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Walker challenge # 9

HEY!!!! Wake up!!! You want a challenge?! l'll give you one.... (evil grin)

Walker challenge # 9 - June 2010

As usual, there is a word, a quotation, a picture, a song, and an extra: something fan fiction related.


Fic must revolve around the character of the current challenge.
Fic must be 100 words minimum, and posted until the deadline: Sunday, June 27.
Fic must be tagged with the appropriate tag, that is *walker challenge answer.
You may submit as many fics as you like and combine two, three or even all prompts, at your liking ;).

The prompts:

And this month's victim challenge character is .... (drumrollllll)  ... Ryan Lafferty!!!!

Who is he? Who was he? Who could he have been? Before the Walkers? During the Walkers? After the Walkers? His past? His future? Unleash your fantasy! And WRITE!!!!!

1. Word:  Forgiveness
2. Quotation: "Keep smiling - It makes people wonder what you've been up to." - Author unknown
3. PictureFreezing morning fog touched by sun 
4. Song: Abba - Summernight city (See below)
5. Extra: WAFF - I didn't know this, but according to Wikipedia this stands for "warm and fluffy feeling" or "warm and fuzzy feelings" and is applied to stories which are intended to invoke those feelings in the reader, i.e., "feel good" stories.

So, come on. Shock us, surprise us, make us laugh, make us cry - but only in a fluffy kinda way (?) - Yeah, haven't figured that one out either, but we have 3 weeks. Good luck!

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