CYN (cynical21) wrote in walkers_fics,

Broken Mirrors, Chapter 9

Author: Cynical21
Rating: Mature to NC17, depending on chapter.
Pairing: Kevin/Scotty - but with plenty of bumps along the way.
Summary: What really happened after the Scotty-cheating episodes
Warning: Some chapters contain extreme, graphic violence
Double warning: I don't do quick and easy, and I don't do fluff. So be warned: here be dragons, Mateys. Argh! :)
Disclaimer: Not mine, in any sense. Just exploring in someone else's world.

Sorry that it's been a long time coming. Real life, you know. But the next chapter - titled Keeping Vows - is ready, and I hope it does not disappoint. As always, no beta, so all mistakes - good, bad, and indifferent - are very much my own.

Read it here:

Or here:
Tags: author: cynical21, pairing: kevin walker/scotty wandell, rating: nc-17

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