CYN (cynical21) wrote in walkers_fics,

Broken Mirrors, Chapter 8

Chapter title: Autumn Fields
Author: Cynical21
Pairing: Kevin/Scotty
Summary: Rewriting what happened after the betrayal - and trying to fix what should never have been broken - but not too quickly.
Rating: Mature to NC 17 - depending on chapter
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters and all its lovely characters are the property of ABC tv. No copyright infringement intended.
Warning: Some chapters may contain graphic violence.
Double warning: Mary Poppins, it ain't, and a WIP, it is.

Many thanks for anyone who is still reading. I know I'm much too slow at updating, but I do promise to finish it - eventually.

The chapter is up here:

Or here:

Hope it doesn't disappoint.

Tags: author: cynical21, pairing: kevin walker/scotty wandell
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